Married With Mickey Decals

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Married with Mickey AKA MwM ships Custom Matching Mr. and Mrs.  Shirts and other apparel around the world.

We make sure your looking your best with your new custom t-shirt and other matching apparel.  We have every style for every couple.


Can I rush my order? We are going on vacation next week!

Yes, In the United States only. At the Checkout screen you will be able to choose from 1 week, 2 weeks, or Free Standard Shipping.

For international customer we have one shipping option.  We will work as fast as possible to get your items shipped to you.

Can I add custom information to this listing?

Yes, every listing has a notes section where you can add any Names or Dates. Remember to tell us where you would like your dates and names printed on your shirts. (Example: Please add my name Jennifer under the Mrs. on the Back)

Did my item ship yet?

You can log in to your account here at any time to check the shipping status. You will see a tracking number once it is picked up by the Post Office.

Can I request a custom order?

Yes. That is what we are all about.  We can create you anything.  Fill out a form here. Custom Orders

Can I see a size chart?

Clothing sizes, measurements, and images are listed here. View our Size Chart here.



Custom Apparel have been around since their introduction in the early 1900’s and have become a wardrobe staple. If you take a look around you, you will see people representing their favorite brands, businesses, sports, events, or fundraisers. With 13thAve you have the ability to create unique t-shirts and hoodies for your business or event, announce your favorite tagline, or just sport your favorite brand. Custom tee shirts are also popular for intramural uniforms and gifts for friends & family.

Check out more info on the origin of the T-Shirt at Wiki

Application Instructions

Air and application surface should be above 40 degrees F. Best conditions are between 60-80 degrees F. All surfaces should be considered dirty and should be cleaned prior to application of vinyl lettering or graphics. Clean the area where the vinyl will be applied. Rubbing alcohol is preferable. Then, rinse area thoroughly and dry.APPLICATION instructions

Horizontal Hinge Method:
1. Position lettering or graphic on clean surface. Tack to desired location with small pieces of masking tape on either end.
2. Apply a long piece of masking tape across top to create hinge.
3. Remove small pieces of masking tape at both ends.
4. Cut lettering or graphic into small areas vertically. (With letters cut between the letters. With graphic cut between sections taking care not to cut through any vinyl.)
5. Starting at the right (if right handed) flip one section over at a time and remove release liner.
6. Squeegee each section into place with smooth downward strokes.
Re-squeegee entire line of lettering or graphic.
7. Remove application tape.

Center Hinge Method:
1. Position lettering or graphic on clean surface.
2. Tack to desired location with small pieces of masking tape on either end.
3. Run another piece of masking tape vertically through the center of the lettering or graphic, making sure it adheres firmly above and below the lettering as well. Vertical tape will act as a center hinge.
4. Remove one small piece of masking tape from either end.
5. Lift graphic or lettering from that end and pull release liner away. Continue to pull liner away until close to vertical center hinge.
6. Cut release liner with scissors and discard.
7. Starting from center vertical hinge, squeegee lettering down onto prepared surface.
8. Remove small piece of masking tape on the other end as well as vertical tape used as center hinge. Lay remaining half over applied lettering.
9. Remove the rest of the release liner and again, beginning from center, squeegee into place.
10. Remove application tape.