Magnetic Signs and Vehicle Magnets

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Magnetic Signs and Vehicle Magnets

Magnetic signs are a form of branding that makes an impression. Paying for a magnetic sign once can put your logo in front of potential customers over and over again. Compare that to the repeating costs of buying radio spots and pay-per-click web ads – particularly if you are regularly driving past your target market.

  • Get any design – including photos
  • Rush orders available
  • Custom shapes available

Your Vehicle Magnets Are Always Working

Marketing is not a straight path. There are many twists and turns you can take to reach your customers. You want to impart “the gist” of your business so that when customers are looking for your services (if they aren’t already!) they’ll remember you.

It’s a weekend morning. You’re hitting the streets to take care of some errands. You’re getting groceries, grabbing a cup of coffee, buying a birthday present, visiting farmer’s markets and yard sales. You’re not working – but your magnetic sign is – sharing your brand with every person you pass.

Magnetic Signs Make You Stand Out

Vehicle magnets are a popular, convenient, and inexpensive way to express yourself. Advertise, support a cause, or cheer on your favorite team.

Magnetic Signs Are Affordable Enough To Order Several

One car magnet on either side of your car or truck guarantees that when you hit the road, your business hits the public eye. If your business is one that keeps you on the go, then they’re not only an affordable way to advertise, they are a smart way to let people know who you are. Magnets are a quick, easy way to identify your employees’ vehicles when they are arriving at a job site or client’s home.

Design Tips

  • People love free! If your company offers something free think about highlighting that on your sign – Free Trial, Free Quote, Free Gift.
  • Keep it simple. Your service or product, your logo, and basic contact information is a great place to start.
  • Don’t overpower your message. Add graphics, taglines, additional services, and extra contact info only if it won’t be competing with your main message for attention.
  • Get extra attention with a custom shape. Vehicle magnets are usually a square or a rectangle but why not try something different? A bakery sign shaped like a cupcake warning drivers: Slow Turns – Cake on Board, a football shaped sign for a sporting goods shop, or maybe even a giant wrench for a plumber’s van.

But Won’t a Magnet Mess Up My Paint Job?

Ordinary magnetic signs offer zero protection from the magnetic material itself rubbing and wearing against your vehicle’s delicate paint finish.  Magnetic Signs have a highly durable, micro-thin protective film which is permanently bonded to the magnetic sheeting. This critical layer of protection has been specifically designed to preserve the expensive finish on your vehicle not just from scratches, but from surface rust too!